Why the Best Marketing Does Not Feel Like Marketing

Things you DON’T notice: good directing, good dialogue writing, good photography, and good marketing.  You don’t notice them because you SHOULDN’T notice them.  When it’s good and done correctly, it should flow so organically that you feel as though you are experiencing “real life.”

No one likes to be “sold.”

Things you DO notice:  bad directing, bad dialogue writing, bad photography, and bad marketing.  It sticks out like a sore thumb and is distracting in that you’re actually thinking about where the camera was placed, the conversation in the movie feels stilted and unnatural, the photo is not framed well, or the ad is trying to hard to sell you.

Here are examples of bad marketing:
• The campaign feels like you’re trying too hard to be original (and it doesn’t work.)
• The ad focuses on the process instead of the results.
• It feels like they’re trying to SELL you on an idea and no one likes being “sold.”

So what do you do? Study what other people who are really good at it are doing and do what they do (but tailor it to your product, business, or service, of course).  Master marketer, Russell Brunson, is big on “funnel-hacking” successful sales funnels.  He looks at what his competitors are doing and then he models it for his own product and teaches others how to do it. If you have no idea what funnel-hacking is or want to learn more about how to use digital marketing to showcase your special expertise, then you gotta get Russell’s book, Expert Secrets. This book is a game-changer about how you market your business or services.

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