How to Shoot & Edit an “Event Highlights Video” Part Two: Editing the Video


In Part One of How to Shoot and Edit an “Events Highlights Video,” I showed you the “wizard behind the curtain” to share my basic process on producing an event video. And now, I’m doing the same thing for editing the footage into an event highlights video. This method is great for documenting your business events (or life events).

Let’s take another look at the FHL 2020 Highlights Video.

FHL 2020 Video Highlights Video

The reason my FHL Video Highlights video “moves” is because I actually used 77 different shots in a 2:30 minute video.

I used a $30 editing app, LUMA FUSION, on my iPad to edit most videos. If you’re using a laptop, CAMTASIA, is a great program with an awesome online tutorial.

1. Transfer video and photos to edit system.  I used the AIR DROP feature on my iPhone to quickly transfer my video and photos to my iPad so I could edit it. Last year, I edited a shorter video using a $15 app, VIDEORAMA, on my iPhone (So you can edit without an iPad – I just like the larger “canvas” and addditional features with my iPad).

2. The music drives the video.  I like editing to music for a highlights reel, so I grabbed a music track from iMovie trailers. Make sure you use music that you have permission to use if you’re posting it online.

3. Tell a “visual story” about the event.  Now, think of how you want to open your story and the story you want to tell.  I used establishing shots of FHL (Funnel Hacking Live) and then I thought of key events to capture: First, people flooding into to the event; Second, inside the first moments of the event that “told the story;” Third, the Super Power Happy Hour; Fourth, Dinners with my mastermind friends, Etc.

4. Keep it simple. Less is more.  Trim the footage down when the shot is too long.  There are only a few shots that I let linger on my video.

5.  Just start adding footage and play around.  The thing I love about linear editing is that you can move shots around so easily.  You can reorder you video shots, cut out what’s not working, and easily review it.

6.  Understand that editing takes time!  Generally plan on one hour for every one minute of video when you’re changing your shots every three to five seconds.  For my video that was 2:30 minutes with a FAST CUT EDITING STYLE? I spent five to six HOURS pulling that together.

I have over twenty years of experience putting together edit plans and supervising professional edits, so when you’re starting out, it may take longer. 

So it all starts with production and capturing great video and b-roll shots to tell your story.  You can always make a plan before the event, but sometimes, you just need to show up, point your camera, and record.

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