31 Press Release Story Angle Ideas to Promote Your Business

Some press releases practically “write themselves,” but the blank white page can be intimidating to say the least.  Here are 31 press release story angle ideas to promote your business and do you want to know the best place to start? You start with the word “why” as in WHY are you writing a press release?

There are many reasons for writing a press release so to make the brainstorming process easy, I’ve curated a brainstorming list of content ideas.  Once your ideas start flowing, writing your press release becomes easy.

Topics and Story Angle Ideas for Press Releases:

  1. Write a helpful blog post with free tips.
  2. Release an eBook, report, case study, or white paper.
  3. Use the ripped from a headlines trendy news story by offering related expert information.
  4. Launch a free training or webinar.
  5. Announce a local in-person event or workshop.
  6. Share an exciting client or customer testimonial in the form of an inspiring news story.
  7. Announce the publishing of  a unique video demonstration of your product or how-to video on YouTube.
  8. Warn against a negative trend you see in the your industry.
  9. Celebrate a positive trend you see in your industry.
  10. Announce appearances on TV, radio, podcast or speaking events (include the topic and some insider tips you’ll be sharing).
  11. Offer a giveaway or event tied to an outrageous , trending news sotry.
  12. Disproved a common myth related to your business with absolute authority.
  13. Hold a contest.
  14. Host a celebrity event, book signing, etc.
  15. Book a speaking engagement.
  16. Announce your podcast launch.
  17. Announce your YouTube channel launch.
  18. Create a scholarship for your online course.
  19. Create an industry-wide award ceremony.
  20. Take a stand on a newsworthy topic.
  21. Publicly challenge someone to something.
  22. Protest local anti-business legislation.
  23. Provide free consultations
  24. Attend a major conference or expo and report your view on an exciting presentation.
  25. Announce the launch of your affiliate program.
  26. Start a customer referral program.
  27. Announce your availability for certain work, such as consulting or public speaking.
  28. Launch a new website.
  29. Rent a newsworthy billboard in a highly visible place.
  30. Add a new bonus item that comes with your core product.
  31. Apply anything in this list to the root problem your product solves instead of the product itself.

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So whether you decide to write the press release yourself or work with me directly, the list above should get your little grey cells working on amazing ideas to get your product, service, or business the attention of the media!

Marianne Schwab is the the creator of the ‘Seen On TV’ System and, as an Audience/Authority Accelerator, she is the go-to broadcast media expert to show you how to get booked on TV and ace your on-camera interview. Her producer credits include Live with Regis & Kathie Lee, Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous, Runaway with the Rich & Famous, E! Entertainment Television ON E! Specials, and many more. She has worked in broadcast for over 25 years and is currently the Executive Producer for CMP Media Cafe, a company specializing in broadcast public relations where she provides customized media coaching services for clients.

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