Ignite Your Video Marketing with Social Media Strategies

I’ve been producing video content for over 25 years. That is probably longer than some of you have been on the planet earth and you need to realize that you are living in an awesome time where technology makes it so easy to share your message.  You see, broadcast TV, radio, newspapers, and roadside billboards used to be the only options available to reach your client or customer, but social media marketing has been a game changer to not only reach the world via laptops and smartphones but also micro-target your audience in ways never before possible.

Using social media to share your message (live streaming or pre-recorded) is like pouring gasoline on a fire and it ignites your video content in a way that has never been possible until the past few years. When you produce high-value video content combined with a strategic use of hashtags, keywords, and paid ads across social media platforms, you’ll fan the flames to explode visibility, engagement, and ultimately, revenues.

But before you strike that match, make sure your content is awesome and not mediocre.  That’s where my 25 years of producing video is almost visceral at this point.  Many people like @GaryVee preach to the masses that you need to start pushing tons of content (don’t get me wrong, he’s RIGHT), but you must push GOOD content.  Low-quality content means low-quality brand.

Remember, the ultimate goal of your content strategy is to build trust with your potential clients to the degree that they not only WANT to buy your product or service, but they MUST buy from YOU! 

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