Your “Bad” Idea Could Be Your Next “Great” Idea!

I don’t necessarily think that ALL good ideas start as bad ideas as Steven Spielberg has been quoted as saying about the creative process, but I do firmly believe that a “bad idea” can give birth to a GOOD idea (even a GREAT idea) through the brainstorming process.

Years ago when I was a producer at ABC-TV in Los Angeles, I was in a pitch meeting for a sweeps period for a show where I was working as a Segment Producer. In a pitch meeting, all the producers show up with ideas for content for the show.  It could be a how-to segment idea, fashion or home makeover concept (like how to makeover your living room without spending a dime), etc. Well, when my turn came up, I pitched an idea for a segment that was immediately shot down.  I don’t remember the idea, but I do remember that another producer, Sue, said “No, not that idea, but what about “this?” Well, everyone LOVED “her idea” and I was quick to understand that she never would have thought of her GOOD idea had I not pitched out my BAD idea first.

Marianne Schwab and Don Henley on the set of ABC-TV's "Home Show."
Marianne Schwab and Don Henley on the set of ABC-TV’s “Home Show.”

Remember, creating content is a process and don’t rule out bad ideas at first because you never know where they’ll take you and if you didn’t have that BAD idea FIRST, you NEVER would come up with the GOOD IDEA that is a game changer!

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Marianne Schwab is the author of "The Experts Guide to TV Talk Shows" and, as an Audience & Authority Accelerator, she is the go-to broadcast media expert to show you how to tell your story, get you booked on TV, and media coach you on how to ace your on-camera interview. Her producer credits include Live with Regis & Kathie Lee, Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous, Runaway with the Rich & Famous, E! Entertainment Television ON E! Specials, and many more. She has worked in broadcast for over 25 years and is currently the Executive Producer for CMP Media Cafe, a company specializing in broadcast public relations where she provides customized media training services for clients.

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